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Monday - Saturday
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Sunday - 11:30am-4:00pm

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To High Tea, or Not To High Tea?
There is definitely no question…Everyone should High Tea!

At Clancy’s, High Tea is not just another meal – it’s an experience.  By design, it’s a ‘lingering lunch’ which is why it’s an ideal way to spend time with friends.

It begins with choosing your tea – with over 50 varieties, it can sometimes take a while to decide. It’s fun to try something new or cosy in with an old favourite.  Once you are settled in, sipping your tea, we’ll bring out three tiers of decadence.  The bottom tier, your first tier, is the savoury bites, an assortment of finger sandwiches. The second tier is the warm buttermilk scone, served with cream and jam. And the top tier, your last tier, is the tasty, mouth-watering desserts.  All the food is bite size, so you can nibble and talk all throughout – which is why our High Tea is the perfect social lunch.

How did High Tea originate?
The tradition of High Tea goes back many years to the late 1700's. In England at that time there were two main meals daily, Breakfast and Dinner. Dinner was served very late in the evening, so it was a very long time between meals.

The Duchess of Bedford (1788-1861) complained about a "sinking feeling" in the late afternoon. Afternoon tea was her invention to keep her going until dinner. She would invite friends to join her for tea at 5p.m. Other hostesses quickly copied her idea. Food at tea included such things as thin crustless sandwiches, shrimp or fish pate, toasted breads with jams and regional pastries such as scones and crumpets. The emphasis was on presentation and conversation.

At Clancy’s Tea Cosy, White Rock’s best kept secret, we strive to keep the tradition alive.  So the next time you say to a friend, “Let’s meet for lunch”, instead say, “Let’s go for High Tea at Clancy’s”.  We promise it will be a great combination of food and experience.